by : Najamof EfEn

has not solved the cup
but as has been shattered
just a speck of white stains on fabrics
but like making white to black

such prisoners sitting in front of a judge hostile
without asking, struck the heart
though the body is not exposed
eye of the eagle eye to eye though not

love is a lie
love is an interest mouth
courage to climb the mountain feeling female
dig caves touched by foreign hands
the sculptured hills and streams that drain the opium
by bond
that there is always a star in the face of a utopian
who makes crazy and drunk

sorry ..
it is the way it should be taken

hatred is there something in the liver
Missed is the pinnacle of hate
then round makes me hate and longing will survive in the rough

drop tears to keep things cool
acknowledged it would calm
honest with the ruling of this nature

love is a lie…